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Strategy Lead
Creative Direction
Production Management

Customize Your Coke: Bringing Joy to Coca-Cola Drinkers!

As client and strategy lead, I developed the strategy for Coca-Cola’s new digital platform for both existing and new beverage categories. The brief was to design new ways for consumers to engage with a new digital platform in order to test and launch their Direct to Consumer (DTC) strategy across Europe.

If we were to drive consumers to an online store, the offering needed to delight and be unique. Not present in a physical store. It needed to be more convenient than grab&go, more sustainable than your average can, and personalized to your own desires and needs.

We began by imagining a platform for consumers to personalize their Coca-Cola cans, alongside the ‘Open to Better’ campaign. We built a website with the capacity to evolve into selling other personalized products and services.

In four months, we were able to design, develop, and launch a digital platform that sold a new suite of personalizable drinks and bespoke merchandise, direct to consumers. It launched across 9 European countries, and was the first initiative of its kind for Coca-Cola.