Strategy Lead
Creative Direction
Production Management

Crafting the Coca-Cola drinking experience of the future

Coca-Cola, together with their European bottling Partners, came to us to support them in defining the vision and execution of the packageless drinking experience of the future. I was the client lead in charge of defining the strategic vision and bringing the project to life.

Focusing on leveraging innovation and sustainability, we needed to design a drinking experience that provided superior taste, post-purchase satisfaction and emotional fulfilment across different environments when buying a Coke without its iconic packaging.

The four main conceptual territories explored when bringing to life the machine were: Share my drinking moments, Bring the dispenser to me and make sustainability easy.

We built a circular ecosystem that allowed you to drink your perfect drink on-the-go. It was Coca-Cola’s first drink dispenser which enabled consumers to purchase Coca-Cola brands and personalize their temperatures, carbonation levels and flavours, whilst using their own vessels, thereby eliminating the need for PET, glass or aluminium packaging.

In five months, we conceptualized, designed, rendered in 3D and produced the visual communication package for the packageless machine. In 2021, the dispenser trial was launched in the UK and France in 2021, in offices and in on-the-go settings.