The Ski Week


The Ski Week

Creative Direction
Production Management
Brand Strategy

World, meet the first Ski festival

After the success of The Yacht Week, the natural step was to hit the slopes. I was part of the creation and development of its little brother: The Ski Week, leading the Creative Direction and content production for the company from 2014-2018.

Our aim when creating content was to revolve around 3 central themes. Our people: you are now part of the family. The quality of our event production: not your average après-ski and lastly, The act of experiencing a first: have you ever done yoga at the top of a mountain? Pond-skimmed across a lake with skis on? slept in an igloo?

Seppi Morrison ©

From 2014 to 2017 we grew from one launch event in Austria with 400 people to +3000 guests across 6 different ski resorts globally. I supported in scouting and developing new events in Japan and Chile and hired all filmmakers and photographers for our events during this time.